Political Paralysis

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Jud Süss


A Small Miracle

The Illusion of Protection:
Two Travelers Speak of Home

Yearning for Melvin Douglas:
A Toast to the Suave Man

Mel Gibson’s The Passion
An Appeal for Tolerance

A review of Jane Eyre

The First of the Month

The Terrible Beauty of Pope John Paul II

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Save Send Delete...the BLOG!

"I remember grass-green cords of goose poop paving every pathway...
But most of all I remember Bora,
and how I've never been afraid to grow old..."

Poland, Love, Communism, and Spring

Humanizing Hitler? Oliver Hirschbiegel's "Downfall"

Earned Beauty: Lives of Others

No Opportunity for Song:
A Slovak Immigrant's Silencing Analyzed through Her Pronoun Choice

The Women of Darfur

Leaving Poland, Summer, 1989:
A Letter Written to Friends, Stored, and Reread in 2005

(posted Mar. 28, 2006)

Homosexuality and The Bible

The Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin???

Letter from a Catholic Who Cannot Work at Your School

"She Was One of Us"
Princess Diana, Her Public, Misogyny, and The Press

Ecology and Spirituality: No Separation:
Interviews with Scholars and Activists

Frank Sinatra: An Immigrant's Soul, a Nation's Voice

Golem as Gentile, Golem as Sabra

Waking Up Less than Whole:
The Female Perpetrator in Male Victim Kidney Theft Legends

Bite Marx, or, Cross-Class Lust

Hold On: Letter to a New American


"Speak Your Mind" series
Broadcast via WFIU, Bloomington, Indiana

Islam and Terror

Annotated Bibliography on the Folk Art and Folk Architecture
of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary

Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust

2 reviews from The Sarmatian Review:

Regions of the Great Heresy

After the Holocaust:
Polish-Jewish Conflict in the Wake of World War II

Jaroslav Hasek's "Good Soldier Svejk" and "Aesop"

An Appeal to Gregory Goska and Annie Johnston

Love Me More: An Addict's Diary

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